Slow and Steady

I am starting theentreprenoob to track my attempts at entrepreneurship, noobish as they are. I am also hoping that by documenting what I am doing it will force me to actually try to accomplish what I want, rather than just talking about it.

Some background

I am a programmer in a support department for a Boston-based software company. I have a degree in Political Science without much of a formal background in Computer Science. I love to learn and love to be creative, but I think there is more that I can give to the world.

I’m a jack of all trades, which apparently some people still think is a good thing.

My goal here is to start slow and try to do at least one entrepreneurial thing a day and comment on the results.

My most recent project is a screen capture application: While I went into this project with the purpose of testing my skills in bringing a project from concept to implementation, which I am happy to say was successful, I will say that I am disappointed that I didn’t do any market research ahead of time. The market for this is obviously flooded, so this product may be dead in the water. In addition, my motivation for marketing this product is low and my ability to charge is potentially stifled by my contract with my employer.

Without further ado, I bring you theentreprenoob


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